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I'm falling in love with your favorite song.

1. One of the earliest songs you can remember listening to:
Careless Whisper-Wham!
I remember that listening to the saxophone in this song made me feel so sophisticated when I was a little kid, hahaha.

2. Song you currently can't get out of your head:
Rock That Body-Black Eyed Peas
I love this song. It is such a jam. It makes me want to rock. Right. Now.

3. Song by the artist you last saw live:
Bitch Went Nutz-Ben Folds
He puts on a good show.

4. Song by someone who is dead:
My Heart Belongs To Daddy-Anna Nicole Smith (Cole Porter cover)
Man, RIP, Anna Nicole, RIP.

5. Song that pumps you up:
A Man's Talk-Roots Manuva
This is like a fly as hale pep talk every time I listen to it. I'm not really sure why.

6. Song you love to sing along to:
Got To Get You Into My Life-The Beatles
This is one of the rare songs I will sing to out loud, haha. It's irresistible.

7. Song you totally misunderstood the first time you heard it:
Cornflake Girl-Tori Amos
Haha, when I first heard this song I had two initial deductions of what it was about...
First, bear with me here, I thought maybe Tori could be singing about a racial situation in the 1960s. A 'Cornflake Girl' could be the typical 1960s white girl who agreed with the culture of racial discrimination and prejudice that surrounded her. Tori, however, was a girl who saw past the prejudice and hung out with the 'Raisin Girls,' or the typical 1960s black girl. Yeah..I don't even know. I had a way active imagination.
Second, I thought that perhaps 'Cornflake Girl' was Tori's definition of the cookie-cutter female recording artist. At a time when artists like Mariah Carey and Madonna were releasing videos and singles blatantly displaying their sexuality, and not much of their actual talent, Tori was "hanging with the raisin girls" and doing her own thang, girlfraand.
Turns out the song's actually about girls just being bitches to each other. Go figure.

8. Love song:
The Lady In My Life (Alternate Lyrics Version)-Michael Jackson
This is basically just a standard r&b slow jam, but I love it regardless. Rod Temperton never lets me down. Michael ironically disses castles and make-believe in this version. Really, Michael? Who are you? Hahaha. <3
& there's a point where I swear he sings fill you with the sweetest love, (ohhh the sweeeeetest juuunk). OH, IS THAT SO? Shit, when you croon it like that? Go for it, boy. Fill me with your sweetest junk.

9. Song that makes you nostalgic:
Yesterday Once More-The Carpenters
This song is so...well, nostalgic, hah. Karen Carpenter's voice is perfection in general. It really doesn't matter what she's singing. In the lyrics she describes feeling the music so strongly. It's exactly how I feel about listening to music. Plus, I first heard this song in 1997 when I found a tape of The Singles 1969-1973 in the house of family friends we were house-sitting for one summer in Colorado. That was an awesome summer..so it does actually make me nostalgic a little, haha. And the "oldies, oldies but goodies" line always cracks me up.

10. Sad song:
Take The Box (Original Demo)-Amy Winehouse
I hope this fantastic bitch is pulling herself together.

11. Song that makes you laugh:
My Fault-Eminem

12. Song that makes you want to dance:
Fancy Footwork-Chromeo
I cannot dance by any stretch of the imagination, but this is one of those songs that make it impossible not to try.

13. Song with food in the title:
Soda Pop-Britney Spears
This song is still my jam 10 years later.

14. Song about dreaming or waking up:
Suspended-Kelis feat. Pharrell Williams
Pharrell's refrain of "No. Wake up, bitch." turns this song into something entirely exciting, fresh, and intriguing (at least to me). Let's just say it's way better than Milkshake.

15. Song that creeps you out:
Under Ice-Kate Bush
This song gives me chills in the best way.

16. Really good cover song:
Enjoy the Silence (Live at the Strange Little Webcast)-Tori Amos (Depeche Mode cover)
The original is awesome, and this is a crazy good take on it.

17. A remix of a song:
Womanizer (Loose Shus Remix)-Britney Spears
This is a great mix that really revitalizes the song.

18. A mashup of songs:
No More Gas-DJ Earworm
This mashup is seamless. Its mashed up lyrics tell a story about pop culture all on its own. I love it! It contains Disturbia-Rihanna, Dangerous-Kardinal Offishall feat. Akon, Closer-Ne-Yo, American Boy-Estelle feat. Kanye West, When I Grow Up-Pussycat Dolls, Bleeding Love-Leona Lewis, Damaged-Danity Kane, 4 Minutes-Madonna feat. Justin Timberlake & Timbaland, Superstar-Lupe Fiasco feat. Matthew Santos, Low-Flo Rida feat. T-Pain, & Gimme More-Britney Spears.

19. Song you like from an artist that you otherwise don't like:
Birthday Sex-Brooke Hogan feat. Fabolous & Jeremih
Hahaha, I'm so embarrassed. This is Brooke Hogan's take on Jeremih's song Birthday Sex. It's pretty much the epitome of guilty pleasure. I cannot think of any redeeming quality except that I love it for some inexplicable reason. It is definitely shit music, though.

20. Wildcard:
I'm Not The Girl-LMNTL & Angela McCluskey
This is the song from that amusing Schick Quattro For Women Trim Style commercial. I love it, haha.
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