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I'm stepping outta here. Where I'm going, I don't know.

I haven't applied to take any sections of the CPA exam yet. :/ I've decided it's too much pressure to assign myself to a date just yet. It's might be a bad idea that'll come back to bite me in the ass later, but I figure I have a little wiggle time to take it, so whatever. I'm still studying; it's just...so tedious. This summer has turned out to be more...busy for me than I thought it would be & I have less time for studying than I thought I would. We'll see how I feel in a few weeks, I guess.

I'm going to be out of town until early August or so. I'm flying to Shanghai with the family tomorrow morning (ugh, the flight is at 9am or something, so we have to wake up crazy early...wait...I've stayed up all night as usual so maybe I'll just sleep on the plane. It's like a 16 hour flight or something! Direct! No stops! But I love airports & flying, especially long flights, so I'm totally excited.) to hang out with my sister who's doing a study abroad semester there for the summer. That will be a little over 2 weeks, and then my Dad, Mom, & I come home for only one day before flying to Australia to hang out with my Dad while he does some academic research stuff with a university there. My Dad surprised me with the Australia news about 2 weeks ago, but we still haven't told Mom yet. We'll surprise her with it once we're in China. I hope that goes over okay.

I don't even want to think of the crazy jet lag I'll no doubt be experiencing. Hopefully my current insomnia habit will help to soften the blow a little.
The whole family went to Australia when I was in 5th grade, 1997, or something, for Christmas break since my Dad was working there with the same university. It was a really fun trip & though I'm excited to go back to Australia at an age where I can perhaps better appreciate it..I'm a little worried at the same time. My dad told me that there has been a recent wave of violent, perhaps racist, attacks on Indian students studying in Australia. It's pretty unnerving to think about. Here's a link to a news story on it. But, despite all that, I'm still excited. I hope everything goes well!

One of my friends' niece was just born a few days ago. She's a premie. My sister & I were 3 months premature at slightly less than 2 lbs each. It made me think of names for potential children... For a girl I like 'Meera' or 'Mira.' It means prosperous in Sanskrit, which is cool I suppose, but really I just like the way it sounds. For a boy I like 'Ashok.' It means not causing sorrow in Sanskrit. Ashok was actually my Dad's name for like 28 days before his grandfather just decided he was going to change it to Krishna, haha. However, the thought of how badly butchered it could get as far as American pronunciations makes me wary, haha. It hadn't occurred to me to ever think of middle names, since I don't have one. My Mom doesn't either. My Dad does, though: 'Swaroop.' True nature in Sanskrit. Maybe I could just use Ashok as a middle name for a boy and think of something more ~pronunciation friendly~ for a first name. (Which is bullshit, really, I hate when people act like they can't pronounce my name because ~it's too ethnic~ or some shit excuse. IT IS SO EASY. IT TAKES NO EFFORT. Radhika...RAH-THEE-KAH. Everyone pretends they can't say THEE and can only manage DEE. THEE BITCHES. HAVE YOU EVER HEARD OF SHAKESPEARE? SHIT'S NOT HARD OMG./rant) It's so far off in the future (if it happens at all) that I obviously don't have to worry about it just yet, hahaha. Shit, I don't even like kids, why am I dwelling on this?

I think I'll have intermittent email access in Shanghai..so, I should be able to check emails but I'm not sure. I mean, it's China, so the internet situation regarding blocked sites will be iffy.
Anyway, I totally need to finish packing! & I need to take a shower. We leave for the airport in basically a little over an hour or something. Fuck time management.
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