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Suspicious minds are lonely ones.

Thinking all the time.
I no longer try to hide my annoyance with the both of them.
Basel was really nice. Delhi was great. Gorakhpur was...okay. & yet the more I think about it, the more I find that I did not enjoy more than I did enjoy. (Hello silly sentence.) That was probably related more to certain people I interacted with rather than the places I went.
The flight home from Zurich was so uncomfortable. It was exceptionally dry (as cabins usually are, I suppose, but this was particularly noticeable) and by the end of the flight it was unbearably hot and I felt gross. It didn't help that all throughout the flight I could hear an obnoxious couple making out. They were seated across the aisle, directly diagonal to my seat and they were kissing with such pornographic élan and laughing and carrying on so fucking loudly I just wanted to hit them over their heads with something large and heavy, ughhhh JUST SHUT THE FUCK UP AND DRINK YOUR FREE WINE YOU JERKS.
I'm not sleeping right now, obviously. I could try to cheat and chalk it up to jetlag but I know it's actually due to my poor sleeping habits. Or perhaps just poor timing...
I don't want to start another semester yet. It feels like the previous one just ended.
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