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You say it's not a sword!
But with your pen you torture men.
When personality is scar tissue... 
03 24 10
It travels south with disuse.
Okay, so I was in the kitchen just now making some mac & cheese, right, when I overhear a roomie on the phone trying to say that you can only spread herpes ~during an outbreak.
Whoa, whooaa, WHAT? Damn, girl, no. Where were you during your middle school health class?
This is going to bother me. I want to correct her because that's something wayyy too serious to be wrong about but I can't be a megacreeper and knock her door all HEY ROOMIE I NEVER TALK TO HERPES CAN BE SPREAD EVEN OUTBREAK FREE VIA VIRAL SHEDDING I COULD HEAR UR SUPER SECRET CONVO SRY LOL K BYE.
Oh, my life.

Fuck it, Imma write that shit on a post-it and leave it on her door.
widening eyes
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