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In chic uniform...short, black, and tight.

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New dress. Her name is Lesley. I've been lusting after this dress since November!
Of course, I took photos of myself in it the second I ripped the packaging open. Now, regarding these photos...I'm horrible with the self timer on my camera. By the time I got the camera to balance on something and pressed the button and ran across the room to get in the shot, it would take the photo and I would look awkward in mid-run/mid-pose in the resulting photo.
So, then I tried taking the ~myspace angles~ route by taking a full body shot from above my head..and a good portion of those shots turned out just focused on my tits or chopping various sections of my head off annnnd it was such a mess, haha. I couldn't even manage one proper full body shot. The following photos are what I salvaged from my pathetic series of self-portraits.

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I look gross and sweaty, but I had just walked home from class.

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It feels sort of attention-whorish devoting a post to a dress, and that's because it totally is. I just love this dress. I don't think I have any foreseeable opportunities to wear it out soon. Hopefully I'll get to before the semester ends.

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