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So I bought a bear...

So, the other night...I was on my 3rd bottle of red wine and I was re-watching The Grey and was feeling really very one with nature... so I resumed my search for the perfect shark jaws to hang up in my apt. I couldn't find any that weren't yellowed and twisted and shitty, and hella expensive, so I ended up moving on from shark jaws and going down the taxidermy rabbit hole and then decided I needed a tiger head. Why? Idk, but I couldn't find one. So I moved onto a fierce ass chacma baboon head, it had these amazing canines and I felt a legit ~connection~ to it because of my middle school nickname of Rafiki (yes, the skinny ass baboon from The Lion King...I'm seriously only just now realizing the potentially fucked up racial undertones and implications of that nickname situation....damn...but I won't get into that now...) and it looked so cool. So I'm dicking around the website this baboon head is on, and I happen upon a black bear that is the same price but wayyyy more badass than the baboon. So I bought it.

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No buyers remorse whatsoever because it is amazing and makes me want to never leave my apt. These are the kinds of things I spend money on when I am single and drunk, I suppose. I put him up above my couch. I'm pleased. I think he cuts the sweetness of the poppies well, yes?

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