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You say it's not a sword!
But with your pen you torture men.
January 12th, 2006 
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I'm making this post to summarize my defense of the innocence & general good character of Michael Jackson. This way, I have one convenient place to direct people to whenever the discussion comes up. (& believe me, even 8 months after last June's verdict, it still comes up)

If you believe that Michael Jackson is guilty of child molestation, you have either been misinformed or you simply haven't taken time to educate yourself on the issue.

I (like many other longtime fans) have been saying this for years, but if anyone (well, anyone possessing adequate reading comprehension skills and a sense of objectivity) looks into even the most basic details of either the 1993 case or the 2005 case, both quickly unravel & expose themselves as clear-cut extortion attempts of the most malicious and pathetic nature.

This post serves as a compilation of exonerating information for those willing to open their minds & realize the truth.

Positive news reporting simply does not draw the public's attention like a blood dripping sex scandal coated with marshmallows and smothered in cream.Collapse )

I'll revisit this post & add pertinent information as it surfaces.
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